Sofeillla Watt and Huckleberry Jim Live July 3rd!!!

Sofeillla Watt and Huckleberry Jim Live July 3rd!!!

If we were a wanky wine label, we would read something like this:
…a motley mix of winsome folk, bruised with blues and infused with banjo, with heady jazz notes, a hint of country, and spicy gypsy undertones.”

Sofiella Watt is an independent folkstress hailing from East Coast Australia. She is a self taught guitarist and banjo plucker, songwriter, bread baker, vagrant, and washboard enthusiast.

She collaborated briefly with other like-minded vagrants Lara Amos and Michael Brown, to record her first EP in 2010 turning her raw and quirky solo sound into something a little bit bigger. After playing festivals such as Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival, and Wingham Akoostik; Sofiella launched off to Europe in search of more stories.

Come see the duo live at the Olive 10$ cover charge. 9pm start.

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